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About Us.

Barkaaas is a one of a kind Arabic Restaurant that offers customers the chance to taste an intriguing range of gastronomic delights in a genuine Arabic setting.


Serving best and Authentic Arabic Cuisines 

Barkaaas features distinctive Middle Eastern design and décor that not only lends an authentic oriental atmosphere to any meal, but also creates a beautiful and tranquil environment to enjoy the ultimate dining experience.

A few words about us

Serving best and Authentic Arabic Cuisines 

This authentic Arabian experience is optimized when you taste the succulent and delicious Arabian cuisine

Our dishes combine the freshness of international cuisine and the richness of Middle Eastern flavours. Feel the lavishing ambience with barkaas Combining premium ingredients and classic cooking techniques.

Our Food Policy

More than just providing our diners with extraordinary food, we want to provide each one with an incredible dining experience. The menu at Barkaas is a showcase of vibrant creativity mated with the most traditional dishes. Feel the lavishing ambience with barkaas

Our Core Values

Our core value is to extend our hospitality and make every guest to feel at home and to nourish and delight everyone we serve with the best Arabic cuisine for which Arabic culture is well known.

Let's eat.

Internationally trained and experienced chefs, dedicated and ready to please service personals awaits you at BARKAAS best restaurant in Marthahalli Bangalore to make your visit a memorable one.

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